Beningfield Family

Samuel Beningfield (1802-1874) was born in London, England, and died in Durban, Natal.

He married twice:
(1) Elizabeth Wright (2 children, both died young)
(2) Johanna Louisa Christina Flamme (8 children)

He lived first in Cape Town, but became insolvent in 1840 and went to Durban, where his wife and children joined him the following year. He became an auctioneer, and some of his sons also followed him in that career.

The children of Samuel Beningfield and Louisa Flamme were:

Samuel Francis (Frank) Beningfield (1834-1900) married Maria Magdalena Kahts.
Frederick William Beningfield (1836-1873) married Theresa Clara Watson.
Johanna Dorothea Beningfield (1838-1900) married Edward Hoste Hickman
Reuben Widdows Beningfield (1844-1912) married Martha Crighton
Thomas Timothy Beningfield (1846-1919) never married.
Martha Louisa Natalia Beningfield (1848-1921). married John James Grice.
John James Beningfield (1850-1931) married Ethel Marian Hawkins
Elizabeth Ellington Beningfield (1853-1921) married married Thomas Augustus O'Flaherty

We are related to the Beningfield family twice, first through the Flamme family, as Louisa Christina Flamme who married Samuel beningdield was the sister of Petronella Flamme, Val's great great great grandmother, who married Henry Crighton, and secondly through Reuben Widdows Beningfield, who married his first cousin Martha Crighton (daughter of Henry Crighton and Petronella Flamme), so their descendants are more closely related to us than the rest of the Beningfields.

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