Decker family

Friedrich August Decker was among the German military settlers who come to the Eastern Cape in 1857.

South Africa

The German military settlers were recruited to fight for Britain in the Crimean War, but the war ended before they could be sent there, so the British German Legion was sent to the Eastern Cape instead, to what was then called British Kaffraria. Friedrich August Decker (known as August), like many of the others, married before he left. He married Mary Nevard Morton at St Botolph's Church, Colchester, Essex, England. They had one son, Edwin Robert Morton Decker, who was baptised at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, King William's Town.

Mary Nevard Decker was remarried to another military settler, Ernst Bergesheim or Burgersheim, and they had no children. Edwin Robert Morton Decker married Jessie Falkenberg, and they had several children He was a hotelier at Butterworth and later at Cofimvaba in the Transkei. He died in 1908, and Jessie Falkenberg remarried Charles John Koch, and had several children by him. After their father's death some of the Decker children were brought up by their grandmother, Mary Nevard Burgersheim. They separated when quite young, and so lost contact with their other brothers and sisters, and could not remember much about them.

Decker, Hedley (c1890-c1892) [79]

Died in infancy

Decker, Horace (c1891-c1905) [80]

Was a pupil at Dale College, died at age 14

Decker, Lilian Mary (1893- ) [81]

She married first Eugene Valdemar Rasmussen, and had a daughter Sheelah Nevard Rasmussen. Her husband died during the flu epidemic of 1918, and it was two months before she knew he had died, as she also had the flu and was in a coma.

Her second husband was John Anderson Cunnison, who was born in Scotland. They had three children, Mavis Decker Cunnison, who married a Mr Martin; Edwin Terrace Cunnison, and Mona Reid Cunnison who married Mr Prinsloo.

Her their husband was Frederick Cathcart, and they had no children.

Decker, Cecil Edwin (1894-1987) [82]

Kept a store at Keiskammahoek, and retired to Port Alfred.
His first wife was Doris Lowe, and they had two children: Kathleen Louisa Decker who married George Albert Lindhorst, and Hedley Doran (Ted) Decker, who married first Norah Bindon, and second Katharina van der Schyff.

Cecil's second wife was Kathleen Miller, and they has a son, Peter Edwin Decker, who married Jennifer Engelsman.

Decker, Alice Catherine Decker (1896-1982) [83]

married David Peters, and they had three children: Shirley, who married William Bernard Konig; Charles Binney Peters, who died young, and Betty, who married Montague Jooste.

Decker, Aubrey Francis (1898-1918) [84]

Lil Falkenberg said he was wounded in WWI, and was in a military hospital in Richmond, England. After the war he went back to England and married a nurse he had met at the hospital. They had twin sons. She thought they were named Horace and Hedley after his brothers.

Emma le Sueur said that the sons were boy Scouts, and had won a medal for rescuing someone.

Decker, Emma Isabel Muriel (1900-1980) [85]

Her first husband was Joseph Theodore Christopher Chelin. They were married in Bulawayo, and lived in the Congo, where he worked for a mining company. They were divorced, and their son Robert took the surname Greene from her second husband.

Her second husband was Allan Dudley Greene, and they had three children: Keith Dudley Vincent Greene who married Dorothy Pearson; Roy Aubrey Francis Greene, who married first Margarety Elizabeth Dark Francis, and second Natalie Foster (born Humphreys) and Patricia Edna Fay Greene, who married first Philippus Jacobus Terblanche and second Rolf van der Merwe.

Decker, Edna Sybil (1903- ) [86]

Married Edward Lawrence Hope. They had no children.

Decker, Daphne Mount (1906-1990) [87]

Married John Fritzsois Adendorff and had four children: John Edwin Adendorff who married Euphemia de Jager; Joyce Mary Adendorff who married Leon Hercules Erasmus; Shirley Jessie Adendorff who married Frederick Richard Jones; and Daphne Lynette Adendorff who married Petrus Jeremiah Daniel van den Heever.

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