Devantier family

The earliest ancestors we know of are Pierre Devantier (1637-1692) and his wife Marie La Bove (1641-1715). They were among the Huguenot families who left France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 (the Edict of Nantes had guaranteed toleration for the Huguenots, who were Protestants).

Devantier family in Brandenburg

The Devantiers settled in Woddow in the Ueckermark region of Brandenburg, north-east of Berlin, along with many other Huguenot families. They established French Reformed Churches in the Ueckermark villages and intermarried with each other, so that many of them married French for several generations, and only in the late 18th century does one find many German names in the families.

Devantier family in Denmark

Many of them specialised in planting tobacco, and a group was invited by the King of Denmark to settle there, and Fredericia in Denmark was established as a Huguenot village, and so there are many Danish Devantiers. Torben Devantie, who is descended from oen of the Danish branches, is hoping to record all the descendants of the Devantiers, and already has several thousand. Our link is through Judith Devantier (1701-1748), the granddaughter of Pierre and Marie, and she is listed on Torben Devantie's pages here.Families immediately related to our Devantiers are Gombert, Salomé La Bove and Berthe. There is a bit of a mystery here that needs to be cleared up before we can definitely claim her as an ancestor, though. This relates to the Payard-Bettac marriage. There is some doubt over the identity of an Elizabeth Bettac who married Isaac Payard. There are two possible candidates, one of whom is an aunt of the other. If the older one was the right one, then we skip a generation and the entire Bettac-Berthe family connection.

Devantier family in South Africa

At least two families of Devantier descendants arrived in the Cape Colony on 13 January 1859 on board the Wilhelmsburg, which sailed from Hamburg on 19 Oct 1858. They were Friedrich Wilhelm Devantier and Martin Schultz, who were 4th cousins.

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