Richard Greenaway (1817-1867) [2405]

Richard Greenaway, born 1817 in Blisland, Cornwall, died Feb 1867, St Breward, Cornwall, son of Richard Greenaway and Mary Michell.
Married 14 April 1842 at St Breward Cornwall to Mary Ann Tilly.


  • Elizabeth Greenaway (1848-1927) married William Matthew Growdon (emigrated to Cape Colony c1876)
  • Susan or Susanna Greenaway (1845-?)
  • Richard John Tilley Greenaway (1847-?)
  • William Greenaway (1848-1912) married Mary Wilhelmina K├╝ther at Potsdam in the Eastern Cape.
  • Mary Jane Greenaway (1854-?) married Richard Pascoe
  • Christiana Greenaway (1855-1861)
  • George Greenaway (1857-1861)
  • Rebecca Greenaway (1859-?)


  1. What happened to Susan (or Susanna) Greenaway? See more here.
  2. What happened to Rebecca Greenaway (b. 1859)? Did she marry, or emigrate to join her older brother and sister

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