Crighton family

The earliest members of the Crighton family we know of are Henry Crighton, who was born in Dunfermline, Scotland about 1815, the son of William Crighton and Harriet Hunt.

He came to the Cape Colony about 1835, when he was about 20, and spent the rest of his life in Cape Town as a saddler and leather merchant. He also appears to have taken an interest in breeding horses. He lived at Woodstock, just outside central Cape Town, at a house called Leliebloem, which we have heard later became part of the Zonnebloem College which was run by the Anglican Church.

He married Petronella Francina Dorothea Flamme in 1840, and they had ten children, the eldest being William John Crighton, Val Hayes's great great grandfather.

Three of the children married members of the MacLeod family: William John Crighton married Anna Maria MacLeod; Annie Crighton married Charles Augustus MacLeod, and Frederick Crighton married Josephine MacLeod.

Towards the end of the 19th century several members of the family moved to Johannesburg and Natal. Martha Crighton married her first cousin on her mother's side, Reuben Widdows Beningfield, who was a trader up the east coast as far as Mocambique.

There is also more about the Crighton family on our family history blog here.

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